LF9361 - Lumped Element

Band Reject LC Filter

Parameter Symbol Minimum Typical Maximum Unit Notes
Nominal Notch Center Frequency611MHz
Notch Rejection Level14dB
Operable Temperature Range-3075°C
Notch Bandwidth±3MHz
Input Signal Power2.0Watts
Impedance SourceZS50Ω
Impedance LoadZL75Ω
Lowpass Cutoff Frequency786MHz@ 1 dB Max
Notch Filter1.25dB@ 596 MHz & @ 626 MHz
Lowpass Filter40dB940 MHz to 960 MHz
Lowpass Filter22dB960 MHz to 1572 MHz
Lowpass Filter7dB1572 MHz to 3000 MHz
Parameter Method/Condition Note
Operating Temperature Range (OTR)-30 °C to +75 °C
Storage Temperature Range (STR)-45°C to +90 °C

Please refer to the Datasheet.

Line Drawing

Line Drawing