With roots in radar in 1965, MtronPTI designs and manufactures custom RF & microwave solutions for high reliability/high performance applications. Formed in 2004 with the acquisition of Piezo Technology, Inc. by M-tron Industries, Inc. MtronPTI is a wholly owned subsidiary of the LGL Group, Inc.

2014 – Switched filters, V and E-band waveguide filters, Instrumentation OCXO

Wider frequency range, lower drift, low g-sensitivity and the addition of two new product lines: solid state power amplifiers to 20+ GHz and millimeter wave filters to 90 GHz

2013 – M618x 3.2 x 5.0mm Stratum 3 TCXO

2012 – AS9100 Rev C certification

2012 – 100MHz low noise OCXOs

XO5085 series 100MHz low phase noise OCXO for instrumentation, point–to-point or point–to–multipoint microwave, and radar applications.

2012 – Digital RF line – digitally tuned filters

Digitally Tuned Filters for digital radio, software defined radio, cognitive radio... higher reliability, more coverage, and increased data capacity.

2010 – Shanghai sales and service office

Sales customer service center for local market and global manufacturing sites.

2009 – GPS disciplined oscillators

The M9107 is an extremely small device that has been designed to meet military environmental requirements, timing system demands including holdover, and is ideal for man-pack, vehicle mount, and airborne applications.

2009 – M2052 series down hole drilling XO – to 200 °C

2007 – Cavity filters

Cavity filters are available from 1 GHz 300 Watts to 26 pole diplexer to 7 GHz space and dielectrically loaded filters.

2007 – M610 Stratum 3 TCXO

2007 – QPL MIL-PRF-55310 Oscillators for Military and Avionics

QPL (Qualified Product List) for MIL-PRF-55310 oscillators introduced as part of Military and Avionics market expansion: communications, radar, and instrumentation applications.

2006 – QiK Chip oscillators and VCXO’s to 1.4GHz

High performance oscillator and VCXO product launched for communications and commercial applications. Proprietary technology for industry leading fast prototype and production response time.

2003 – Europe sales office in Eindhoven, The Netherlands

2002 – Acquires Champion – industry leading VCXO technology

1995 – India –Asian manufacturing operation

1995 – Small package VCXO for OC-48 and OC-192 SONET networks

1993 – ISO-9001 certified – first US based crystals and oscillator manufacturer

MtronPTI today is ISO9001:2008 at all sites and continues to manage a rigorous quality control system today. MtronPTI also has AS9100 Rev C certified processes and continues to improve quality, speed process, and manage demand flow technology throughout all aspects of business to deliver the right product at the right time, on specification.

1993 – Hong Kong office opens

1990 – Surface mount wash proof LC filters

MtronPTI lumped element (LC) filters allow true surface mount wash-proof assembly. Solder sealed or laser welded perimeter prevents performance shifts during or after pre- and post-wash for high board level initial yields and trustworthy performance.

1990 – First VCXO

1987 – Champion Technologies – management buyout

Motorola external frequency control devices business

1985 – Industry first: chemical milling crystal resonators over 1 GHz

1980 – Tactical miniature crystal oscillator

1973 – First monolithic crystal filters in space

1967 – QPL MIL-PRF-55310 Crystals for Military and Avionics

1965 – Monolithic quartz crystal filters and crystal resonators for radio and radar.

MtronPTI has over 150,000 square feet in in three manufacturing and design facilities: Yankton, SD; Orlando, FL; and Noida, India. MtronPTI's Hong Kong subsidiary, M-tron Industries Limited, acts as a buying agent, regional warehouse, quality control and sales representative.

With ten support sites, thirty representative firms, a global footprint and direct connect via the web to engineering, MtronPTI is on your desk, around the corner from your lab and close to your factories.